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Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover

Welcome to InvestingInAfrica.net, your field guide to profitable opportunities in African stock markets.

Many investors still find the words “profitable” and “African” to be a startling juxtaposition. And who can blame them? The news media is saturated with images of famine, war, and disease on the continent.

But there’s another side of Africa that gets a lot less press. It’s a place full of hopeful and enterprising people who are confident of a better future. This is the Africa that I believe is home to some of the most attractive investments in the world today.

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About Ryan Hoover

My interest in Africa stems from a three-year volunteer term spent in the Southern African nation of Lesotho in the late 1990s. Like many other visitors to the region, I returned home a card-carrying Afrophile.

In the years since, I’ve sought to remain as engaged with the continent as possible. This has taken many forms. I’ve worked as a human rights advocate and writer, and, more recently, as an equity analyst and fund manager. Now, I’m an investment analyst with Africa Capital Group, serve on the investment committee of Lead Investment Management’s Africa Equity Growth Fund, write an investment column for AFKInsider, and contribute frequently to Africa investor magazine.

Through this blog, I attempt to spotlight African companies that contribute to human development while delivering market-beating returns to their investors.

I’ve written a bit more about my interest in African investments here.

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