Zimbabwe Stock Exchange — Financial Statements

Listed CompanyWebsiteAnnual ReportsFinancial Statements
African DistillersWebsite2013, HY2014,
African SunWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Ariston Holding2012, HY2013, FY2013,
ART HoldingsWebsite2011, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Astra HoldingsWebsite2012, HY2013, FY2013, FY2013,
Barclays Bank of ZimbabweWebsite2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Bindura Nickel CorporationWebsite2012, 2013, FY2013,
Border TimbersWebsite2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
British American Tobacco Zimbabwe2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
CAFCAWebsite2011, 2012, HY2013, FY2013,
CelsysWebsiteHY2013, FY2013,
CFI HoldingWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, HY2012, FY2013,
Colcom HoldingWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Commercial Bank of ZimbabweWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
COTTCO HoldingsWebsite2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Dairibord HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Dawn PropertiesWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Delta CorporationWebsite2012, 2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Econet Wireless HoldingsWebsite2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Edgars StoresWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Falcon Gold Zimbabwe2012, HY2013, FY2013,
FBC HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Fidelity Life AssuranceWebsite2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
First Mutual HoldingsWebsite2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
General Beltings HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013,
Hippo Valley Estates2013, FY2012, FY2013, HY2014,
Hunyani Holdings2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013,
Hwange CollieryWebsite2010, 2011, FY2012, FY2013,
Innscor AfricaWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, FY2012, FY2013, HY2014,
Interfin Financial ServicesWebsite
Lafarge Cement ZimbabweWebsite2012, FY2013,
Mashonaland HoldingsWebsite2012, 2013, HY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Masimba Holdings2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Medtech Holdings2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Meikles AfricaWebsite2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
National Foods HoldingWebsite2012, 2013, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
National Tyre Services2012, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
NICOZ DiamondWebsite2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
NMBZ HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
OK ZimbabweWebsite2012, 2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Padenga HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, HY2013, FY2013, FY2013,
Pearl PropertiesWebsite2012, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
PelhamsWebsiteFY2013, HY2014,
PG Industries ZimbabweWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013,
Phoenix Consolidated IndustriesWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, HY2013,
Pioneer Africa CorporationWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Powerspeed ElectricalWebsite2011, 2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Radar HoldingsWebsite2013, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
Rainbow Tourism GroupWebsite2011, 2012, FY2011, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Rio Tinto ZimbabweWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Seed Company of ZimbabweWebsite2013, HY2013, FY2013,
Star Africa CorporationWebsite2012, HY2013, HY2014,
TA HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013,
TN BankWebsite
Truworths ZimbabweWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, HY2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013, HY2014,
TSLWebsite2011, 2012, 2013, HY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Turnall HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Willdale Brick and PotteriesFY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
ZB Financial HoldingsWebsite2011, 2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
ZECO HoldingsFY2012, FY2013,
Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980)Website2012, FY2012, HY2013, FY2013,
Zimbabwe ReinsuranceWebsite
Zimplow LimitedWebsite2011, 2012, HY2012, FY2012, FY2013,
Zimre HoldingsFY2012, HY2013,
Zimre Property InvestmentsWebsiteFY2012, HY2013, FY2013,