10 Unloved Kenyan Stocks That History Bets Will Beat the Market

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Ah, the humble price/earnings ratio.

It’s one of the crudest tools in an investor’s toolbox. But there’s no denying that the simple act of dividing a company’s share price by its earnings consistently reveals stocks poised for powerful performance.

Here we examine the recent performance of low P/E stocks on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and list 10 Kenyan shares with the lowest earnings multiples.


Is the NSE IPO a Bargain?

Nairobi Securities Exchange

The long-awaited Nairobi Securities Exchange IPO is finally here. The Kenyan stock market is offering the public a 34% stake in the business to raise cash for expansion and to reduce mortgage debt.

The IPO price has been set at Kshs9.50 per share. Is this a bargain opportunity for Kenya investors? Let’s take a quick look at the prospectus to find out.


Will Kenyan Bank Stocks Sizzle or Fizzle in 2014?


Bank stocks made Nairobi Stock Exchange investors much richer in 2013.

A stable political environment, regional growth, good profits, and a relatively steady interest rate environment kept the bulls running.

But all of that’s in the rear view mirror. What we really want to know is whether these stocks are worth banking on this year. Will their shares pop or drop? Sizzle or fizzle? Jump or slump? Rise or… Well, you get the idea.


Kenya’s Five Best Stocks of 2013

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In a year that saw Kenyans hold their collective breath through a tense presidential election and then be faced with a horrific terror attack, investors worldwide made their bullishness on the nation’s future clear.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange’s All Share Index soared 43.7% in US dollar terms, ranking it among the world’s very best.

While big names like Safaricom and ARM Cement recorded terrific performances in 2013, the year’s most explosive price gains came from insurance firms and investment holdings companies.

Let’s count ‘em down, shall we?


What’s in Store for the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 2014?

Nairobi Stock Exchange

To bull, or not to bull: that is the question!

Samuel Gichohi of NIC Securities tells us why he believes the Nairobi Stock Exchange’s bull run will be sustained into the new year and shares his thoughts on which sectors and stocks offer the most compelling opportunities for Kenya investors.


Building the African Dream: Two Kenyan Infrastructure Stocks

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Infrastructure is a key pillar of the sub-Saharan Africa investment thesis. The hopes and dreams of Africa’s rising consumer class need to be powered by electricity, transported by road and rail, and anchored by new homes and workplaces.

Here. Jan Schalkwijk, CFA takes a closer look at two Kenyan companies capitalizing on East Africa’s infrastructure boom.


Kenya: A Bonanza for Bank Investors

Photo by DEMOSH

Jan Schalkwijk of Africa Capital Group traveled to Nairobi recently to meet with the management teams of several large Kenyan companies. The following is his take on three of the Nairobi Securities Exchange’s most prominent banks.


Kenya’s Safaricom Is Set to Dial Up Profits After Long Price War

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Jan Schalkwijk, CFA, portfolio manager at Africa Capital Group, recently visited the Nairobi-headquarters of Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile phone company, and had the opportunity to sit down with CFO John Tombleson. Here, he briefs us on the meeting.


Afrinvestor’s Journal: Witnessing the Kenyan Election

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Jan Schalkwijk is a Portfolio Manager with Africa Capital Group, an asset management firm that specializes in African stocks. The following is an account of his recent trip to Kenya and Burundi.

As the plane began its descent into Nairobi the evening of March 5th, I struck up a conversation with the KLM flight attendant. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak a little Dutch, which is not a daily occurrence for me these days.

As part of the usual small talk, I asked her where in Nairobi the flight crew was staying. She replied that KLM security had advised them to stay at the airport this time in light of security concerns surrounding the elections that had been held the day prior.

It was then that I mentally connected the news articles I had been reading about the Kenyan elections with the reality of being there, at ground zero of what could either be a repeat of the 2007 election violence or something more hopeful: a watershed moment for Kenya — a peaceful transition of power.


Kenya’s Dividend Kings: Two Stocks for Income Investors

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It’s tough to beat a company that pays out a regular dividend.

They generate income for shareholders. They typically boast sharp management teams. And, historically, their shares have outperformed their non-dividend-paying counterparts.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange is chock full of dividend stocks. Almost all companies listed on the market presently pay a dividend.

But not all dividend stocks are created equal. Some don’t yield much in relation to their price. Others pay out so much of their earnings that it hampers their future growth. And some disappoint shareholders with frequent dividend cuts.

So, which Kenyan stocks offer the most substantial, reliable, and growing income stream?

Let’s take a closer look.