Here’s Why the 21st Century Belongs to Africa


While the rest of the world grays, Africa’s population grows, setting the stage for the continent to become an economic superpower before the century’s end.


Africa Investor Insight: Jonathan Kruger


Jonathan Kruger, CFA, manages the Africa Equity Fund for Prescient Investment Management in Cape Town, South Africa. Here he explains why he’s passionate about African stock markets, his investment process, and where he sees the most value now.


Why Invest In Africa? The Demographic Dividend

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African countries have made remarkable progress toward reducing infant and child mortality.

Since 1997, an additional 15,013,767 African children will survive to see their fifth birthday.

What are the implications of this huge success for African economies?


Africa’s Top 10 Stocks Through the First Half of 2012

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The Nairobi Securities Exchange posted a remarkable 28.5% return during the first half of 2012 – a performance strong enough to make it the world’s third strongest bourse. It should come as little surprise then, that the East African market is home to five of Africa’s 10 best-performing stocks since the first of the year.

Here’s a list of the Sub-Saharan stocks (not including South Africa) that have gained the most in US dollar terms since the start of the year.


Who’s Investing In Africa Now? Heinz, Medtronic, and More

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It’s not necessary to wire money to a far-flung African locale to invest in the rise of the African consumer. Here are five companies that are making big bets on the continent and conveniently trade on the New York Stock Exchange.


15,013,767 Reasons Why You Should Be An Afro-Optimist

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I’ve got over 15,013,767 reasons to believe in the African success story.

The list spans the entire continent — from the banks of the Nile to the Niger Delta and from the Kenyan savanna to the Namibian desert.

And each one will power the continent’s growth deep into this century, and, perhaps, even the next.


12 Terrific Tweeps for Africa Investors

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I’ve got an ambivalent relationship with Twitter. I love it for the content it alerts me to, for its immediacy, and for its ability to break down social and geographic barriers between people. But it’s so full of irrelevant content, that it often feels like a massive waste of time.

To remedy this, I limit my Twitter stream to users who have a strong interest in African economic development. Here are 12 of my favorites that focus on African stock markets.


Tax Rates On African Dividends

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Tax time may seem like a long way off for those of us living in the USA, but two readers reminded me this week that we should never forget about the tax man – even in these early days of summer.

Let’s take a look at the withholding tax levied on dividends by various African countries.


Analyzing Africa’s Breweries: Which One Is Managed Most Efficiently?

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It’s coming on summertime here in south-central Pennsylvania, which means the air feels a little closer, the sun shines a little warmer on my hairless head, and visions of ice-cold lagers increasingly fill my late afternoons.

So, today, instead of fighting the daydreams, I’ve decided to put them to work by analyzing Africa’s biggest breweries.


Seven Paying Six: High-Yield South African Stocks

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Let’s face it. For all the talk of “being greedy when others are fearful” and “buying when there’s blood in the streets” nobody delights in seeing their portfolio value swing southward.

That’s why I love stocks that pay a steady, consistent dividend, and this week I came across some generous South African firms whose shares currently yield more than 6%.