15,013,767 Reasons Why You Should Be An Afro-Optimist

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I’ve got over 15,013,767 reasons to believe in the African success story.

The list spans the entire continent — from the banks of the Nile to the Niger Delta and from the Kenyan savanna to the Namibian desert.

And each one will power the continent’s growth deep into this century, and, perhaps, even the next.


12 Terrific Tweeps for Africa Investors

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I’ve got an ambivalent relationship with Twitter. I love it for the content it alerts me to, for its immediacy, and for its ability to break down social and geographic barriers between people. But it’s so full of irrelevant content, that it often feels like a massive waste of time.

To remedy this, I limit my Twitter stream to users who have a strong interest in African economic development. Here are 12 of my favorites that focus on African stock markets.


Tax Rates On African Dividends

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Tax time may seem like a long way off for those of us living in the USA, but two readers reminded me this week that we should never forget about the tax man – even in these early days of summer.

Let’s take a look at the withholding tax levied on dividends by various African countries.


Analyzing Africa’s Breweries: Which One Is Managed Most Efficiently?

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It’s coming on summertime here in south-central Pennsylvania, which means the air feels a little closer, the sun shines a little warmer on my hairless head, and visions of ice-cold lagers increasingly fill my late afternoons.

So, today, instead of fighting the daydreams, I’ve decided to put them to work by analyzing Africa’s biggest breweries.


Seven Paying Six: High-Yield South African Stocks

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Let’s face it. For all the talk of “being greedy when others are fearful” and “buying when there’s blood in the streets” nobody delights in seeing their portfolio value swing southward.

That’s why I love stocks that pay a steady, consistent dividend, and this week I came across some generous South African firms whose shares currently yield more than 6%.


Bargain Hunting on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

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The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange trounced all other African markets during the month of May. Could this be a signal that Zimbabwean stock values are ready to surge? To help answer this question, I asked a few Zimbabwe market experts to provide some insight on the exchange and to give me their take on nine of its most prominent shares.


IMF Remains Upbeat on African Growth

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While the rest of the world has had to deal with contraction, Sub-Saharan economic growth has continued largely unabated. World output, forecasted by the International Monetary Fund in its recently published “World Economic Outlook”, is projected to fall from 3.9% to 3.5% for 2012, but Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to grow from 5.1% to 5.4%, exceeded only by China, India, and other emerging Asian economies.


Beer Battle: Which Nigerian Brewery Stock Is the Best Buy?

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Guinness Nigeria and Nigerian Breweries (NB) both released quarterly earnings in the past several weeks.

As the largest brewers in Africa’s most populous country, they command substantial attention from global investors.

Let’s take a close look at their most recent income statements.


Does Investing In African Stocks Help The Poor?

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I met a returned Peace Corps volunteer a few years ago. He’d served as a school teacher in Kenya in the late 1960’s, and, like me, he’d felt an affinity for the continent ever since.

As we chatted, I told him about my interest in investing in African stock markets. He was intrigued by the idea but made clear that it wasn’t his cup of tea. “Something about profiting off of Africa doesn’t feel right to me,” he said.


Stock Showdown: Ranking Africa’s Best Hotel Shares

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In 1995, 18.9 million international tourists visited Africa. In 2010, nearly 49.4 million did. They were lured by the continent’s natural and cultural wonders and emboldened by an increasingly stable political environment. Now, rapidly improving infrastructure is making it easier than ever to visit the continent. The United Nations estimates […]