How to Collect Dividends When Investing in African Stocks

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Dividends are a key component of a stock’s investment return. But collecting and re-investing them can be a challenge for foreigners investing in African shares.

Here are some tips to make the process as efficient as possible.


Tanzania’s Stock Exchange is Opening to Foreign Investors (4 Shares to Know)

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

With its large population, political stability, prudent governance, and wealth of natural resources, Tanzania offers Africa investors some compelling opportunities.

In spite of this, the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange has remained a sleepy place due to restrictions on foreign share ownership.

But that’s all about to change. The government recently decided to remove the caps, opening up some great companies to share investors from around the world.

Here are four Tanzanian companies worth digging into.


A Quick Introduction to 23 Recent African IPOs

A new crop of African IPOs

After a long lull, the African IPO market appears to be heating up. This is welcome news to investors and market operators alike.

In this article, we take stock of the newest crop of IPOs and listings from Africa’s stock exchanges.


5 Hot JSE Stocks That Even a Value Investor Can Love

Faddish JSE shares that are okay to love

I hate to jump on bandwagons.

When it comes to investing, however, a mountain of evidence suggests that running with the herd may be more profitable than bucking the trend.

Repeated studies confirm that stocks with momentum – those whose share prices have recently outperformed the market – tend to outperform those that haven’t.

Here are a few high-flying South African shares that can make the trend your friend while minimizing downside risk.


The Complete List of African ADRs and GDRs

Photo by World Bank Photo Collection

If you live in the USA or UK and are looking for the most convenient way to invest in individual African stocks, your best bet is to acquaint yourself with the growing number of African ADRs and GDRs.

Here’s a complete list of those trading in New York, London, Germany, and Paris.


10 Unloved Kenyan Stocks That History Bets Will Beat the Market

Photo by Simon Greig

Ah, the humble price/earnings ratio.

It’s one of the crudest tools in an investor’s toolbox. But there’s no denying that the simple act of dividing a company’s share price by its earnings consistently reveals stocks poised for powerful performance.

Here we examine the recent performance of low P/E stocks on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and list 10 Kenyan shares with the lowest earnings multiples.


Is Nigeria’s Diamond Bank a Gem in the Rough?

Diamond Bank's Rights Issue a Gem in the Rough?

After some rocky years in the wake of Nigeria’s banking crisis, Diamond Bank looks like it’s regained its footing. Now it wants to grow.

Toward that end, the bank has launched a rights issue which offers existing shareholders the right to purchase three additional shares for every five shares they own.

Is it a good deal? Or should investors dig for value elsewhere? Let’s take a closer look and make an assessment.


7 Rock Solid South African Stocks That Pay Big Dividends

Photo by Andrew Cook

Looking for shares that provide a steady income and also the prospect of solid growth?

Here’s a list of seven of the highest-yielding dividend-payers listed on the JSE and a simple screen to use when looking for similar companies on other African stock markets.


Is the NSE IPO a Bargain?

Nairobi Securities Exchange

The long-awaited Nairobi Securities Exchange IPO is finally here. The Kenyan stock market is offering the public a 34% stake in the business to raise cash for expansion and to reduce mortgage debt.

The IPO price has been set at Kshs9.50 per share. Is this a bargain opportunity for Kenya investors? Let’s take a quick look at the prospectus to find out.


Africa’s 7 Hottest Economies (and How You Can Invest in Each One)

Africa's fastest-growing economies

The World Bank says seven African countries will grow GDP at a rate of 7% or more over the next three years.

Here’s a countdown of these cheetah economies and some tips on how to invest in each one.