Bralirwa: A Rwandan Stock That Pours Out Profits

Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann

Christian Sirikali recalls enjoying Bralirwa’s products as a child in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now a chartered account, Sirikali looks at the brewer through an investor’s lenses and likes what he sees.


Building the African Dream: Two Kenyan Infrastructure Stocks

Photo by Erik Hersman

Infrastructure is a key pillar of the sub-Saharan Africa investment thesis. The hopes and dreams of Africa’s rising consumer class need to be powered by electricity, transported by road and rail, and anchored by new homes and workplaces.

Here. Jan Schalkwijk, CFA takes a closer look at two Kenyan companies capitalizing on East Africa’s infrastructure boom.


Where to Invest Now: The Most Promising African Stock Markets

Cape Buffalo

African stock markets have put together an incredible run of late. This has prompted several readers to ask which one looks like the biggest bargain now.

So, I thought it would be a good time to look back at a post that attempted to answer this question 13 months ago to evaluate how well my forecast panned out and to see what my crystal ball is telling me will happen over the next 12 months.


Stock Tips for a Senegalese-American Hip Hop Star

Photo by Abdulmajeed Almutawee


Your success as a singer, songwriter, and producer is nothing short of remarkable. I’m sure you never dreamed while a boy in Dakar, Senegal that one day your music would dominate record charts, or that you would perform with the likes of Michael Jackson, or earn an eight-figure income. You’ve been ranked among the most powerful celebrities in the world, and I’m sure your upcoming album will add to your long list of achievements.

True, your success wasn’t overnight or without controversy. But you seem to sincerely want to give back and do good in the world.

Moreover, you’re serious about investing in the continent that you call home. You write about it in songs. You talk about it in interviews. You even own a South African diamond mine.

Could we talk a little bit about that last one?


How Can I Invest in the African Seed Industry?

Photo by CIMMYT

Hi Ryan,

This is going to sound a little strange, but both my girlfriend and I, days apart, had dreams where we were shown that it would be good to invest in African seeds. It was clear in both dreams that it had something to do with actual plant seeds.

I’ve never received investing advice in a dream before, but when my girlfriend had the same advice in her dream, after not knowing anything about my dream, I started to wonder.


Africa Investor Insight: Robert Scharar

Robert Scharar, Lead Portfolio Manager of the Commonwealth Africa Fund

Robert Scharar manages the Houston-based Commonwealth Africa Fund, a $1.9 million mutual fund. As of the end of April 2013, the fund had appreciated 3.7% since its November 2011 inception.

Here he explains his investment process and what led him to launch the fund.


Kenya: A Bonanza for Bank Investors

Photo by DEMOSH

Jan Schalkwijk of Africa Capital Group traveled to Nairobi recently to meet with the management teams of several large Kenyan companies. The following is his take on three of the Nairobi Securities Exchange’s most prominent banks.


The Common Yellow Crane

Photo by Jonathan Kruger

Jonathan Kruger, an Africa Portfolio Manager, recently traveled overland from Nairobi to Cape Town in his native South Africa. The two-month journey took him through East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia) and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa). One of his aims was to experience at grass roots what is driving Africa’s economic future. He shared the following observations and impressions with


New ETF Makes Nigerian Stocks More Accessible Than Ever

Photo by S. Remeika

I literally jumped out of my chair last week when Jan Schalkwijk told me a new Nigeria ETF had just listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Why was I bouncing around my office like I’d hit a buzzer-beating jump shot?

Because, at this moment, I believe the Global X Nigeria Index ETF is one of the most accessible, pure, and cost-efficient ways for US retail investors to tap into the Sub-Saharan growth story.


Kenya’s Safaricom Is Set to Dial Up Profits After Long Price War

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Jan Schalkwijk, CFA, portfolio manager at Africa Capital Group, recently visited the Nairobi-headquarters of Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile phone company, and had the opportunity to sit down with CFO John Tombleson. Here, he briefs us on the meeting.