Ghana’s Best 5 Stocks of 2013

The Ghana Stock Exchange's performance reflects vibrant Accra

Ghana investors will probably pinch themselves after reviewing their portfolios’ 2013 performance.

In spite of a breathtaking 19% drop in the value of the local currency, the market still surged almost 45% in US dollar terms, ranking it among the world’s best.

Which companies notched the most impressive performances? Let’s take a look-see.


The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s 5 Best Performers of 2013

Tobacco growers performed well on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2013

It was a terrific year at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The market’s main index climbed 31%.

Surprising, isn’t it? With a disputed election result, tougher indigenization laws, and under-capitalized banks, you’d think investors would be sizing up a good mattress to hide their hard-earned savings under – not investing in stocks.

But while the mood in Harare may have been gloomy, foreign investors saw relatively inexpensive assets, priced in dollars, in an economy with relatively cheap foreign exchange controls. And they swamped the market. Foreigners accounted for more than 80% of trade volume during the second half of the year.

Curious to see what they were bidding on?

Here’s a countdown of Zimbabwe’s top stocks of 2013.


What’s in Store for the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 2014?

Nairobi Stock Exchange

To bull, or not to bull: that is the question!

Samuel Gichohi of NIC Securities tells us why he believes the Nairobi Stock Exchange’s bull run will be sustained into the new year and shares his thoughts on which sectors and stocks offer the most compelling opportunities for Kenya investors.


Botswana’s 5 Best Stocks of 2013

Home of the Botswana Stock Exchange

The Botswana Stock Exchange had a disappointing year. As of this writing, its Domestic Companies Index had increased just 5.0% in dollar terms (17.9% in local currency).

Botswana has been slow to recover from the big gem price crash of 2011. Diamonds account for roughly 30% of the southern African nation’s GDP.

But while the market as a whole may have been mediocre, several companies posted terrific performances.

Here’s a countdown of Botswana’s best stocks of 2013.


Africa’s 10 Most Transparent Countries (and Why Stock Investors Should Care)

Photo: Leandro's World Tour

Transparency International released its 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index last week. The index ranks 177 countries according to how corrupt their governments are perceived to be by investors, businesspeople, and international lenders.

Here are the ten African countries that ranked highest and why you as a stock investor should take note.


Stash Cash Before Investing in Shares

Photo: Quiquemendizabal

Reader Tunde writes:

Dear Ryan,

I am a 22-year-old graduate from a polytechnic in Nigeria with a diploma in business administration and management.

I’m from a poor background but have had dreams of a great future since I was a young boy.

Can you help me invest in the stock market? I would welcome any tips you may have.

Thank you,


How to Sell Your Shares If Your Broker Goes AWOL

Photo by Gary Simmons

Reader Tomi writes, “My mum wishes to sell shares of her Nigerian stock, but her broker seems to have disappeared. How can she go about getting her shares sold?”

Unfortunately, Tomi’s mum isn’t the only Nigeria investor to face this problem. In the wake of Nigeria’s financial crisis, the Nigerian Stock Exchange made an attempt to restore investor confidence by suspending 61 brokerage firms that failed to meet minimum capitalization requirements. This resulted in lots of confusion for these brokers’ customers, leaving them with questions much like Tomi’s.

But don’t despair, Tomi. Your mum’s shares most likely haven’t disappeared, and as I’ve learned from the Nigerian brokers quoted below, there are a number of people who can assist you with tracking them down.


How to Invest on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Photo by Henti Smith

South Africa is far and away the most economically developed of African states, and, as such, will likely be the continent’s economic gateway for the foreseeable future.

Truth be told, however, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) isn’t exactly the most bullish of markets these days. In fact, the market is now at its lowest point in nearly two years.

But this isn’t necessarily bad news for value investors. Falling prices mean an increasing number of bargains are on offer. Earnings multiples are dropping and dividend yields are rising.

And because the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is one of the most sophisticated in the world, investors can scoop up these deals with a click of their mouse. The market’s accessibility and convenience make it an ideal place for new Africa investors to get their feet wet.

Here’s how to get started.


Bralirwa: A Rwandan Stock That Pours Out Profits

Photo by Ludovic Hirlimann

Christian Sirikali recalls enjoying Bralirwa’s products as a child in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now a chartered account, Sirikali looks at the brewer through an investor’s lenses and likes what he sees.


Building the African Dream: Two Kenyan Infrastructure Stocks

Photo by Erik Hersman

Infrastructure is a key pillar of the sub-Saharan Africa investment thesis. The hopes and dreams of Africa’s rising consumer class need to be powered by electricity, transported by road and rail, and anchored by new homes and workplaces.

Here. Jan Schalkwijk, CFA takes a closer look at two Kenyan companies capitalizing on East Africa’s infrastructure boom.