Announcing the Stock Scout™ Newsletter


It’s not easy to construct a profitable African stock portfolio.

Independent research is scanty. Fundamental data is tough to track down. And it’s difficult to get a sense of what makes a company tick, especially when separated by oceans and national borders.

That’s why I’m launching Stock Scout™: your guide to profitable opportunities on African stock markets.


The Complete List of African ADRs and GDRs

Photo by World Bank Photo Collection

If you live in the USA or UK and are looking for the most convenient way to invest in individual African stocks, your best bet is to acquaint yourself with the growing number of African ADRs and GDRs.

Here’s a complete list of those trading in New York, London, Germany, and Paris.


The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s New Website Is Fantastic

Photo by Ismail Mia

After a bewilderingly long, one-year hiatus, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange once again has a website.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Among African stock exchange websites, the ZSE has, in my view, moved from worst to first. Here’s why.


New Resource: The African Financial Statement Library

Photo by Dave Dugdale

You may have noticed that my posting frequency has slackened over the past couple months. This is due to a couple new projects that I’m really excited about. And I’d like to unveil one of them today — the African Financial Statement Library.


Hitch Your Investments to Africa’s Demographic Freight Train

Photo by Dirk Huijssoon

Last month, I explored the implications of Africa’s demographic dividend for stock investors.

I don’t want to belabor the topic, but if that series of posts was interesting to you then take a moment to read through “Africa’s Demographic Freight Train,” by Greg Barker of the Mauritius-based asset manager, Sustainable Capital. I found it fascinating.


The Nigerian Stock Exchange Website Ups Its Game

Nigerian Stock Exchange

Kudos to the folks running the Nigerian Stock Exchange’s revamped website!

You may recall that I complained about the confusing format in which the exchange published listed company results in a post last week.

Well, it appears that the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


Grading African Stock Exchange Websites

Nigerian Stock Exchange

A website is a stock exchange’s face to the world. It is where potential investors will form their first impressions of a country’s investment climate. A website that fails to convey professionalism, security, and transparency will likely also fail to attract new investors.

Here’s a report card that separates the truly exceptional stock market websites from the ones that truly stink.


Africa’s 100 Largest Frontier Stocks

Photo by World Bank

You may not hear much about them in the pages of the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times, but Sub-Saharan Africa has its own set of blue-chip companies. Here’s a list of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 100 largest stocks.


12 Terrific Tweeps for Africa Investors

Photo by Shawn Campbell

I’ve got an ambivalent relationship with Twitter. I love it for the content it alerts me to, for its immediacy, and for its ability to break down social and geographic barriers between people. But it’s so full of irrelevant content, that it often feels like a massive waste of time.

To remedy this, I limit my Twitter stream to users who have a strong interest in African economic development. Here are 12 of my favorites that focus on African stock markets.


5 Essential (Free!) News Sites for Africa Investors

Successful investing requires good information. Last month, we highlighted a few places to find annual reports and financial statements for African companies. Now let’s look at some (free) resources that provide superior, continent-wide coverage of market trends. The following five sites have become staples of my media diet. Reuters Africa […]