How to Sell Your Shares If Your Broker Goes AWOL

Photo by Gary Simmons

Reader Tomi writes, “My mum wishes to sell shares of her Nigerian stock, but her broker seems to have disappeared. How can she go about getting her shares sold?”

Unfortunately, Tomi’s mum isn’t the only Nigeria investor to face this problem. In the wake of Nigeria’s financial crisis, the Nigerian Stock Exchange made an attempt to restore investor confidence by suspending 61 brokerage firms that failed to meet minimum capitalization requirements. This resulted in lots of confusion for these brokers’ customers, leaving them with questions much like Tomi’s.

But don’t despair, Tomi. Your mum’s shares most likely haven’t disappeared, and as I’ve learned from the Nigerian brokers quoted below, there are a number of people who can assist you with tracking them down.


How to Invest in Zambia

Photo by CIMMYT

Understated Zambia is quietly putting together one of the world’s most impressive records of economic growth. The Southern Arican nation’s GDP has grown in excess of 5.3% every year since 2003, and the IMF forecasts its economy will expand by 7.7% this year thanks to strong demand for its primary […]


How to Invest on the Rwanda Stock Exchange

Photo by Dylan Walters

Less than 20 years ago, the world watched as a paroxysm of genocidal violence wracked Central Africa’s land of a thousand hills. If ever there was a place bereft of hope, Rwanda was it.

Yet, to the world’s astonishment, the country refused to settle for merely rebuilding. Instead, it opted to transform.

Now, investors from both near and far have an opportunity to support Rwanda’s improbable economic success. The nascent Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) is open for business.


How to Invest on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

Dar es Salaam

If you really want to invest at the furthest reaches of Africa’s frontier markets, the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) is for you. The little market lists only 11 local companies and trade volumes often don’t exceed $500,000 per week.

But the DSE will likely not be so sleepy five years from now. Exploration companies have discovered huge natural gas reserves off Tanzania’s sandy shores that they are rushing into production. Now the country appears set to be the world’s newest energy hub.

One way to get in on the ground floor of these exciting developments is via the stock market. Here’s what it takes to open a Tanzanian brokerage account.


How to Invest on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Nigerian Stock Exchange

The Nigerian Stock Exchange hasn’t exactly sizzled of late. But the potential of Africa’s most populous nation is enormous. First things first, however. I need a Nigerian brokerage account. So, how exactly do I go about opening one?


How to Invest on the Uganda Securities Exchange


I know I’ve been posting an awful lot of “How to” articles lately, but when this Kony 2012 stuff broke last week I felt the need to try to help balance the interweb’s recent coverage of Uganda.

Let me be clear. Uganda certainly has its problems. Kony is one. Corruption, AIDS, and an increasingly dictatorial president are others.

But Uganda also has some things going for it that could make it attractive to frontier investors.


How to Invest on the Ivory Coast’s Regional Stock Exchange

Plateau commune

Financial commentators frequently describe investing on frontier stock markets as “adventure capitalism.”

This is a particularly fitting characterization of the Ivory Coast-based Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BRVM). Few stock exchanges, after all, need to pack up and temporarily relocate to a neighboring country to avoid running street battles like the BRVM did last year.

But if “Danger” is your middle name this market may prove worth the risk.