Africa’s 7 Hottest Economies (and How You Can Invest in Each One)

Africa's fastest-growing economies

The World Bank says seven African countries will grow GDP at a rate of 7% or more over the next three years.

Here’s a countdown of these cheetah economies and some tips on how to invest in each one.


So Long, BRICs! Make Way for the KINGs

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You’ve no doubt heard of the BRICS countries, the emerging market quintet comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Now, get ready for a new acronym that captures the dynamism of Sub-Saharan Africa’s frontier economies – the KINGs (Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana).


Africa Investor Insight: Robert Scharar

Robert Scharar, Lead Portfolio Manager of the Commonwealth Africa Fund

Robert Scharar manages the Houston-based Commonwealth Africa Fund, a $1.9 million mutual fund. As of the end of April 2013, the fund had appreciated 3.7% since its November 2011 inception.

Here he explains his investment process and what led him to launch the fund.


The Common Yellow Crane

Photo by Jonathan Kruger

Jonathan Kruger, an Africa Portfolio Manager, recently traveled overland from Nairobi to Cape Town in his native South Africa. The two-month journey took him through East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia) and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa). One of his aims was to experience at grass roots what is driving Africa’s economic future. He shared the following observations and impressions with


3 Reasons the Kenyan Economy Is Set to Boom

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In this guest post, Robert Rayford of argues that Kenya merits a long look from global investors.

Throughout Africa there are a number of potential economic giants waiting to awaken from their collective slumbers and lay down a marker both on the continental and global stages. Due to the well-documented troubles encountered by the continent, be it famine, corruption, or something else, the potential for growth there is among the highest and most attractive in the entire world.

Kenya is one such country where all the stars appear to be aligning at the same time, so to speak, and the East African nation could be set to be the big African economic success story of the next decade.

What is happening, or has happened, in Kenya to leave it on the cusp of an economic boom period?


The Case for Investing in Africa

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In this guest post, Peter Thoms, the founder of Africa Capital Group, shares his top five reasons for investing in African stock markets.

Africa may be the last great ground-floor international investment opportunity left on earth. Until just recently, however, the continent has remained beyond the consciousness of all but the most adventurous of investors. But now Africa is beginning to gain a wider audience in financial circles. Why? Because it has notched strong growth for the last decade and is likely still in the early stages of a powerful and transforming spurt of economic progress.


Africa’s 10 Most Business-Friendly Countries

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The World Bank released its 2013 Doing Business report this month. The document ranks all the world’s nations on how hospitable they are to starting and running a business.

Ranking criteria include everything from construction permits to taxation to the accessibility of credit.

Let’s count down the top ten easiest African countries to do business and list some of the recent reforms they’ve undertaken that make them favorites of African entrepreneurs and CEOs.


Mind the (Bullish) Gap: Mean Reversion Likely for African Stocks

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Greg Barker of the Mauritius-based Sustainable Capital has just penned another insightful article on the value of African stocks. In it, he shows how African stock markets (excluding the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) have fallen well below their normal valuation in relation to other world markets over the past four years.

Since 2009, emerging market stocks have notched a 95.2% return compared to African ex-SA stocks’ 23.9% performance. To Barker, this suggests a reversion to the mean is on its way. He believes the market performances will return to their normal parity much like a rubber band does after being stretched.


6 (More) Reasons to Invest in South Africa

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Yesterday, Jan Schalkwijk, CFA of Africa Capital Group began to make the case for investing in South Africa. Today, he bolsters his argument with six additional reasons to be a South Africa bull.


The Case for Investing in South Africa

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South Africa may not be getting much good press of late, but Jan Schalkwijk, CFA, of San Diego-based Africa Capital Group believes its stock market remains promising. He explains why in this guest post.

South Africa offers investors frontier markets-type growth, but with more liquidity, more mature capital markets, greater data richness and greater transparency. Although markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana hold great potential for sustained high growth, South Africa is the most mature stock market on the continent.